I am dedicated to supporting learners who do not easily fit within traditional teaching models. These students, often with high levels of intellectual ability, struggle to achieve success within a sometimes rigid system. Their challenge, most often, stems from a deficit in processing information; and through an integrated approach that takes into account their academic, social and emotional needs, I strive to meet the unique challenges faced by each learner.

The foundation for success begins with a connection to the student based on trust and complete and total acceptance of wherever they are in their learning process. Through building this trusting relationship, students become reassured in their abilities, and encouraged to persevere through academic difficulties. Within this context, students are better able to redirect feelings of anxiety into positive beliefs about themselves, and as a result experience improvements in schoolwork.

Keeping a strong and focused attitude is paramount, and in that vein I believe in working with the whole child, beyond the labels, and utilizing all the tools that have proven their educational worth. Evidence-based, and newer, innovative techniques/technoligies are tailored into a comprehensive program for each child. I focus on their inherent talents and strengths, while addressing their current weaknesses. By creating unique teaching strategies for each learner, I aim to instill in them an academic confidence, which will in turn prepare them to perform at their very best.

In my 30+ years of experience working with children who struggle with learning challenges, I have gained insight into what works in the short-term and what works in the long-term. One of the most gratifying aspects of my career is when I see that first spark of confidence in a child's eyes, followed by achievement and success, that previously seemed so elusive.