"I have worked closely with Donna Lifrak for 15 years and have great respect for her knowledge and expertise in working with children with learning challenges. I think Donna is wonderful; she has great rapport with kids and addresses the individual needs of her clients. I highly recommend her educational therapy services."
Dr. David Grisham, Pediatric and Developmental Optometrist, UC Berkeley Emeritus Clinical Professor.

"Donna is the reason that my child is a confident reader today."
Parent, Retired CEO of a local Healthcare Organization.

"Donna is an extremely perceptive and effective consultant. My 13-year old son warmed to her immediately and was able to express difficulties he'd never been able to articulate or understand before. She came up with a clear plan for us to take on his reading issues and made sure to follow up even when we weren't working directly with her. He's made huge progress since."
Mill Valley Mom.

"I am so glad to have had the opportunity to work with Donna for several years. With her help I was able to gain a much better understanding of my dyslexia, and develop ways to work around it. She is a patient, kind, and compassionate person, who will do the utmost to help her students succeed, while finding ways to keep the work fun and engaging. I would highly recommand her to anyone looking for a tutor who will take the time to work with a student's specific needs in a creative way."
Alexander, Student, Graduate of Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).

"Our daughter is very bright, yet during the summer before entering the 2nd grade, she was unable to read the smallest words. Eventually she was diagnosed with Dyslexia. Through the intervention, thoughtful guidance and expertise of Donna Lifrak, as well as extremely dedicated work on the part of our daughter, she is now an avid reader, and successful in all of her learning endeavors. She is now attending college, in a pre-med course of study, and is confident, and steadfastly and gracefully meeting her academic challenges. We are grateful to Donna for believing in our daughter and helping her to develop her skills as a learner, throughout her primary and middle school years."
D.M., Parent

"When our daughter was in second grade we found Donna Lifrak and worked with her for many years. Donna created a meaningful relationship with her, offered her strategies for learning, reinforced her strengths, and had an unwavering belief in our daughter's potential for success.
Donna also gave my husband and I much needed direction and support. She  helped us to understand our daughter's learning style, and her emotional needs, related to her frustrations and learning struggles. Our daughter is now a freshman in college,and has great strategies for learning,strong self-confidence and is enthusiastically achieving her academic goals.
D. Ryker, Finance Director, The Conservation Land Trust.

"Our seventeen year old son was really struggling, and Donna found a way to connect with him and make him feel he could succeed. She has tremendous empathy for students with learning challenges, and she truly believes in them, which helps them believe in themselves. Our son made tremendous progress in his academic performance and his attitude toward school while working with Donna."
Philip Von Burg, Castlegate Capital Advisors, LLC.